Monday, February 6, 2012

My Northern roots


The name of the town is Borbon. There had been a myth as to why the place was named such but I really quite did not believed that. It is what people commonly will tell about how places got their names – that long ago foreigner came to this land and ask the natives what is the name of the place and the natives will give their names instead as they didn’t understand and so the place was named by the foreigner by the natives’ names. A typical myth that is, so I really wanted to know the truth as to why our town was named Borbon. Hopefully, I’ll found that out soon.

Geographically, the town is about more than 60 kilometres North from Cebu City. Specifically, it is near the tip Northeast of Cebu Province. It is comprised by a total of 19 (upland and coastal) barangays. The town fiesta is held every 20th of January in honour of our patron saint San Sebastian Martyr, which by the way the town’s parish church is actually celebrating its 150th year this 2012. Recently, the town had just established its own festival name. This was the Local government answer to the challenged of the Provincial government to participate in its campaign for tourism. Not too long ago the Silmugi festival was conceived and was embraced by the Borbonanons.
What used to be just some playground demonstration per school during my primary and secondary education years that we have to join as students for extracurricular points has now been an elegant festival we could be proud of. The name Silmugi is derived not far away. In fact, it is named after a river in the town between barangays Poblacion and Cadaruhan. Although when I was still a student this river was just somehow neglected but I learned that during the old times, the river played a very important role in the livelihood of the town’s people. The river used to be a barter place for farmers and fishermen. Yes, the main livelihood of this town is fishing and farming. Now, Silmugi River is being developed and refreshed as part of the attractions this town could offer.

So you might be wondering what else this town could offer. Honestly, I used to describe our town before as unnoticed if I compare it with other towns. It may be a late-bloomer but I’m pretty sure, slowly the town is rising its’ way from economic to aesthetic aspects. Let me share some of the reasons why you might be interested to try and visit our town.

In terms delicacies, try visiting one of the upland barangays Lugo and you will find some yummy “budbod kabog”. You got to taste it. Lugo is along the National road popularly known in dialect as “Simangan” because it has the detours if you are going Northernmost (Bogo City) or to the Nortwest town Tuburan down to Balamban. Other barangays like ours (Tagnucan) have actually cultured “Takyong” (it’s like a snail in the forest) and cook takyong in different recipes. I haven’t tasted any yet but soon I will. There are vast of crops from the farms too ranging from banana, rootcrops to coconuts.

The town also has lots of beach resorts that are very affordable. You can choose between Silveria in brgy. Campusong, Borbon Beach that has the enticing One Casita place or the old but still beautiful Ma Benita Beach Lagoon both situated in brgy. Tabunan. Or if you just want some sight-seeing, I’m sure you’ll find one of the best sunrises or sunsets in Borbon or stargazing perhaps during starry night (this is what I used to do when I was a child) or if you just want the touch of nature and some fresh air. Plus and most importantly, the people here are beautiful inside out. You could see for yourself. <winks>


Kids at play

San Sebastian Martyr Paris church (with beautiful people :P)

The green and the blue and the long stretch view of the horizon

Note: More photos will be added soon. The journey continues...


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  1. the night I was writing this one was the night Mama Asing left us. For an unknown reason, I was inspired that night and thought that it was the light I needed after the darkness I've been through. I never thought it was the day Mama would succumb to heart failure.

    I still can't believe it until now, January 25..but I accept that she is in a happier place now and free frm all the pain and suffering on earth.

    I just missed her so much.