Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Notice to the Public

Hello Everyone,

So I finally decided to try out making my travel blog with the BIG hope that this one shall work out. In short, I hope that I won't get lazy in posting entries here.

The title of this blog is definitely dedicated to all travels/tours, places that I've been to or will go to. The terms "libod" and "laroy" just mean the same thing "WANDER". I believe we all have that wanderer heart within all of us. I'd like to say this blog "libod-laroy Cebuana" personally means "wandering Cebuana" primarily because I am Cebuana and proud to be.

In the following days, weeks or months, I shall be posting here the wonders this vagabond has witnessed. The mission is to share what my eyes have seen, my heart has felt and the experiences I gained.

So watch out for me and my road tales.

'til then,

Addendum: After this blog was conceived, I found out that my mother dear passed away. I don't know what it means, but she is one person I love to travel with. She loved to go places and see the wonders just like me. I dedicate this blog to her and shall continue my journey for her.


You will always be the wind beneath my wings. I love you so much all my life and I will never forget to remember you until the day that we wll be together again.