Friday, February 10, 2012

embracing Ramon|Camiguin

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Come hell or high water, we continued our adventure to the breathtaking White Island. It was stormy, but one still could appreciate it's natural beauty. It was paradise. To go there, we need to ride banca/pump boat for 10-15 mins that cost us 75 per person back and forth.

The white island is named such because of it's white sands. It was like an island in the middle of the sea with nothing but sands and some sea stones and weeds. There was no establishment because that was literally really in the middle of the sea. There was only a floating hut. One can rent snorkels too. So for that little time in that paradise we enjoyed even with Ramon creating dark skies, pouring rains and making huge waves.

Yes! We embraced Ramon.We stayed there for almost an hour and a half, swimming, playing and picture taking even with the rain. When we were back on the sea shore, we were supposed to take a bath with fresh water but because there is limited water coming out from the shower, we just changed to dry clothes. Our elder companions were asking locals for the situation of the weather and if ferries were allowed to travel. They say coastguards have not permitted any ferry to go since morning. :(

We still tried our luck and went to Benoni port to ask but along the way, the rain poured very hard and the sky is unseen. Ramon embraced us back, we had no choice but to go back to Catarman. I was really depressed, no signal, I will miss my flight, I'll have to book new ticket, clothes are mostly wet and financially - broke and most of all STRANDED. That Tuesday night with no hope left, I prayed "I know You do make things happen for a reason and I know You would not forsake me. You'll stand by me and help me make it through. I humbly ask You to give me strength and guide me what to do and what way You want me to go. Im disappointed as of the moment and I'm sorry".

Early Wednesday morning, the skies are brighter but still the dark clouds exist. We made our way back to Benoni port. There I made calls to the office of my status and give update to Mama. The coastguards still did not permit ferries out even if it's not raining anymore because the storm signal in Camiguin is still at number 2. We saw some ray of sun but that was not an assurance of the weather they said. There goes everyone else's hope of catching their afternoon flight.

So we made our way to Mambajao to find internet caffee and buy stuffs while waiting for the text from coastguards. Some of our companions opted to book a hotel in Mamabajao than going back to Catarman while us left were deciding if we'll go back to Catarman or to Katibawasan falls (hehe. adventure goes on). While on the internet, we saw the storm signal already lifted out and we called up coastguards again and there went there go signal.

Those who booked a hotel already stayed while us went back to Benoni and started our journey back which ends that unforgettable Camiguin trip with Ramon.

Special thanks to Ebarle family, jeepney driver, my companions and to God for the unforgettable journey.



some ray of hope

fun under the rain

it's more fun swimming with storm

definitely more fun

picture taking ala under umbrella


the stranded ferry

our jeepney throughout the journey

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